discover cbdCannabis has continued to serve numerous purposes for humans, such as remedies to illnesses and ailments when consumed as CBD edibles or in other forms. Cannabidiol (CBD) is among the numerous family of the plant cannabis, but unlike other members of the family, it does not contain the psychoactive compound (THC). Cannabidiol has become a vital and interesting substance to humans. An important dilemma amongst users is the best form in which CBD compounds are more effective in the body.

What is CBD OIL?
CBD oil is simply the oil that is gotten or extracted from the cannabis plant. It is preserved by mixing the CBD component of cannabis with any oil such as coconut oil. It is important to mention that CBD oil does not contain the psychoactive component of cannabis known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What is water soluble CBD
These are CBD compounds that have undergone scientific and mechanical procedures or alterations that make them soluble in water. Water soluble CBD is translucent, and like CBD oil, water soluble CBD does not contain the inebriating property of other families of the cannabis plant.

Why water Soluble CBD or CBD oil
Science says that 60% of the body mass and volume are made of water, yes! Water. And from our elementary knowledge of science, we know that oil and water can’t form a homogenous mixture. Therefore, to ensure proper ingestion of CBD edibles which are mostly in oil forms (CBD oil) into the bloodstream, it is ‘modified’ to the form that can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream (water-soluble form). Here are points to consider when choosing between CBD oil and water-soluble CBD

water soluable cbdEfficacy and Absorption ratio
Due to scientific alterations, water-soluble CBD compounds have smaller molecules, which make them easily absorbed into the bloodstream and this reduces wastage. When ingested with CBD edibles, they have an absorption value of > 80%. CBD oils have to be ingested through other means to match a high absorption value. CBD oils are better absorbed by the body by vaping using a vaping pen or by smoking.



Time of effect
Since water-soluble CBD are smaller and are easily absorbed when ingested with edibles, they have a faster onset of operation and will take effect in less than 20 minutes. CBD oils are better suited for sublingual ingestion (passing the bloodstreams through the cheeks, gums, etc.) and topical or transdermal applications to have a faster time of effect.

Additives and reduction of value
Although not proven, scientists have advised that the alterations carried out to produce water-soluble CBD might reduce its effectiveness; this seems plausible if you look at the scientific process CBD oil has to go through to become water-soluble.

water soluable cbdIt is not a straightforward process to determine the best physical form of CBD compounds for effective absorption by the body, whether as oil-based or water-soluble. This depends primarily on;

  • The method of ingestion,
  • the illness or condition it is to be used for
  • And importantly, the body system of the individual.