The importance of consultancy might be overblown and controversial in many industries, but when it comes to emerging industries, consultants may truly be worth their asking price. Young industries and volatile, ever-evolving, and always looking for new trends and breakthroughs to carry the industry forward. With that in mind, it’s no wonder than one of most in-demand consultancy positions is in the cannabis industry. Projections currently hold that the cannabis industry in the United States will surpass $70 billion by 2027, riding the nation’s slow but steady march toward federal legalization. With that in mind, many watching the industry, whether out of admiration for it’s products or pure speculative interest, are starting to take the proliferation of a legal cannabis industry more seriously.

Alongside this developing industry has sprung up an ever-growing field of opportunities to work as a cannabis consultant. Cannabis consultancy is all about providing emerging cannabis-related businesses with the insight they need to be successful. Consultancy in emerging industries play a special role – often, it’s more than their knowledge of the product and consumer-landscape that’s relied upon. With government regulations continuing to evolve on a regular basis, consultants are critical for businesses to remain informed and compliant.

In this post we’ll quickly review two job postings and three of the industry’s leading consultancy firms. This should give you an introductory understanding about both the sorts of jobs that are out there and who some of the leaders in the field are.

Examples of Cannabis Consultancy Jobs
Cannabis consulting can mean a lot of different things. Many consultants specialize in providing insights into matters on which they’re very knowledgeable or experienced. If you’re just beginning your search into cannabis consulting, below are two job postings that should be thought of as examples of what positions businesses are looking to fill.

In-Store Cannabis Consultant – Theory Wellness – Great Barrington, MA
One of the most common types of cannabis consultancy takes place right in the store. And this, unsurprisingly, is a great way for someone to establish themselves in the cannabis industry, regardless of their experience level. Working within a dispensary will provide you with considerable knowledge on the product, the consumer experience, and the strategies that lead to both business longevity and smooth functionality. Getting your feet wet at a place like Theory Wellness in a multipurpose role will provide you with the understanding you need to launch a career in cannabis consultancy.

Cannabis Sales Consultant – PharmaCannis – Shamokin, PA
If a multipurpose role isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, then keep your eyes out for different sorts of positions – such as this sales consultant role at PharmaCannis. The end goal of consultancy is almost always about improving a businesses’ bottom line. The most effective way to do this is often through driving sales. If sales experience is what you’re looking to gain, roles like this one are chiefly focused on increasing the volume of sales taking place through a variety of mediums – including customer facing work, contributions to marketing campaigns, the development of pricing, and so on and so forth. Getting the hang of the sales process exclusively at a place like PharmaCannis will make you an attractive option for any other cannabis company or consulting firm looking to drive sales.

Top Cannabis Consultancy Firms
Every consultant’s dream is to work independently – and you may get there someday, but most in the industry are housed either at independent businesses or advisory firms. In the short term, building your experience is the top priority, and there’s no place better to do it than with a firm that specializes in cannabis consultancy. Below are three of the biggest names in the game, and landing a job at any of them would be an excellent job in cannabis consultancy.

Indiva Advisors
Heralding a three-pronged approach to their business – specializing in accounting, tax, and advisory services – Indiva Advisors are among the industry leaders in tackling multiple client needs concurrently. With over 25 years of experience, Indiva boasts a big team and is continuously looking to recruit the best talent. They’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, and have a track record of success, having served clients in 27 states and provided solutions to over a thousand businesses. With a company like Indiva, a cannabis consultant can grow as part of a committed team of experienced professionals.

cbd oilBridge West
Being strictly an accounting firm hasn’t stopped Bridge West from serving more than 400 cannabis and hemp license holders nationwide. As we mentioned before, one of the trickiest parts of being part of this emerging industry is understanding the ever-changing and complex legal environment. This makes legal and accounting-based consultancy among the most in-demand and profitable positions to be in. As part of this firm – whether possessing experience in the industry or not, CPAs and advisors will leverage their expertise to work with a diverse array of clients.

American Cannabis Consulting
If you’re interested in working more with emerging businesses, a company like American Cannabis may be more your speed. This company positions itself as a ‘full-service’ consulting company, and spends a considerable amount of their resources seeking to provide counsel to brands just beginning their journey into the industry. At a firm like this, consultants will likely experience a great deal of excitement and feel pride in the role they’ll be positioned to play aiding start-up brands. A popular business model in the industry has become the ‘vertically integrated’ cannabis business, where the business controls each part of the supply chain – and American Cannabis Consulting devotes a lot of their attention to guiding prospective businesses throughout each stage of establishing this sort of business model. Gaining experience in this process, as a cannabis consultant, would be incredibly valuable both for becoming knowledgeable about this business model and for working with new brands.